Why The Future Of Software Development Is Agile

The development scene has evolved to keep up with dynamic customer requirements. Agile methodologies allow software development houses to prioritize the client. It enables quicker delivery of high-quality software products and services. The strategy enables customers to realize value quickly without waiting for the completion of the entire project. Agile development strategies have revolutionized the way software houses operate.

Agile development has quickly gained traction as companies look to increase efficiency and ultimately their bottom line. It removes bureaucracy, rigid guidelines, and inconsistent processes.

The case for agile development

Let us examine some of the core values that make the case for agile methodologies.

  • It leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Customers get access to high-value products and services earlier than expected.
  • Agile development natively embraces change at every step of the process. This guarantees a competitive advantage to the customer. It also assures them that all their current and future requirements captured in the product.
  • It accelerates time-to-market and delivers working software products on a continuous basis. This has become critical as service users are looking for offers with short project timelines.
  • Agile methodologies employ an inclusive approach. It encourages face-to-face meetings between the various stakeholders. This includes the business side of owners, marketers, and customers as well as the production teams such as developers, quality assurance, and testing. Closer collaboration adds a level of integrity to the process and improves the quality of service delivery.
  • It puts more focus on quality as opposed to completion. This increases value for the customer and enables developers to leverage lower costs of production. Success is measured in functionality and milestones in lieu of timelines.
  • Agile teams are collaborative and self-organizing. They are continuously adjusting their strategies to achieve greater efficiency. The aim is to make the processes simplistic and minimalistic. This results in high-quality discovery and requirements. It empowers them to build first-class designs and architecture.

Adopting an agile methodology drives productivity. It mobilizes multiple layers of teams to accelerate an explicitly defined process. This requires elaborate planning to reduce resistance and smoothen the transition. It has a direct impact on your productivity and bottom line. The shift involves evaluating products against requirements, processes, development, and test management tools.

Advantages of agile over traditional strategies

It enables greater transparency in the whole development lifecycle. Each team member is aware of his or her roles, those of his or her colleagues and stakeholders, as well as the progress they have made.

Agile development demands frequent and fast-tracked deployment and implementation. This creates a cycle of continuous delivery as part of the overall product lifecycle. Software houses can accurately predict features and releases.

It has a strong focus on the user requirements and business value. Every deployment cycle creates incremental value to the users. Stakeholders can prioritize the features they need first setting the pace for the development teams.

Agile ensures more attention is paid to quality code, quality assurance, testing, as well as fixing identified defects. The modular development provides manageable units and builds. Additionally, there is more focus on the testing and review processes.

Extreme programming advocates for leaner code and processes, test automation, building features on demand as well as clear and logical code. As an integral part of agile development, it promotes closer collaboration between all the stakeholders.


Agile is here to stay. It has become the definitive strategy for new software developers. It is important to get your whole team on board and not just the developers. This will enable you to realign your workflows and build the requisite momentum to drive innovation and flexibility. Agile is built to leverage teamwork and collaboration. This focus on people is evident throughout the process. Take time to understand it and evaluate how to transition into it.

Nationwide Debt Direct

5 Tips For Reducing Small Business Debt

Nationwide Debt Direct

According to the United States Small Business Administration, some of the reasons small businesses struggle with debt include lack of money, poor credit management, and use of business funds for personal needs. Most of these are problems that could be dealt with easily if one gets to learn more about the things that guarantee stability for a small business. However, many entrepreneurs don’t have the time and skills to conduct thorough audits that could help to reveal things they are doing wrong that lead to the accumulation of debt. If you are among those struggling to do away with small business debt, here are few tips you could rely on to free your business.

Rework your budget

The first thing you need to look into before you even proceed to review your debt is the current financial position of the business. Start by reviewing the budget to see if you have been pumping more than is required into some sections of the business, and this is easy to notice if you are spending a lot on a process whose yields when analyzed amount to a loss.

Identify your sources of income, the costs the business has to cover, and variable expenses so you can weigh between choices while optimizing the budget to make it friendlier. With the additional amount that is raised through savings after optimization, the business can get rid of the need to borrow and you could also easily use the surplus amount to pay off what you already owe suppliers.

Increase customer sales

Apart from slashing costs, you need to also look at your sources of revenue particularly customer sales. The option you have in this case is to find ways through which you can raise customer sales in a bid to boost revenue. There are several tricks you could apply including offering mark-downs and discounts on various products. Most importantly, you can ramp up on accounts receivables by ensuring you keenly follow up on late payments. Through this effort, you will raise additional revenue that will be useful when you want to settle debt quickly.

Negotiate with lenders and creditors

Another way you could deal with debt is by negotiating with creditors and lenders for better repayment terms. This might look tough to deal with considering you have to present valid and believable reasons as to why you need the agreement revised. If you think it is difficult to bear with the idea, you could work with debt settlement experts like Nationwide Debt Direct.

Settlement experts negotiate on your behalf for better terms and they are more likely to help you get a good deal than when you choose to pursue the process. A hardship plan also comes with benefits where you are allowed to submit a lower amount every repayment period, which means you will not face penalties as a result of failing to pay on time. On this you need to draft a hardship letter enumerating why you qualify for the arrangement. You may be asked to provide previous and current tax returns, income statement, and bank account statements.

Consolidate loans

Debt consolidation is also a way you could lower your interest rates while paying down your debts faster. Instead of dealing with different loans that have varying interest rates, you could bring all of them together into a pool. This means your interest rate will be lower and you can repay all the loans together faster. To come up with a viable plan for consolidation, you are advised to consult with experts so you can choose a strategy that will make things to work out well.

Best Portland UX Companies

UX design, also referred to user experience, is the process of implementing ideas that help to improve the feel and experience of a user while taking advantage of the features of a digital product. Very few companies consider the need to have professionals who understand UX design and implementation, and this is a big loss on their part because they are not able to give users the experience that can keep them using the product longer. If you are looking to implement UX in Portland and you don’t know which companies to work with, here are suggestions you could try out.

Decoder Digital

Decoder Digital is a Portland data-driven agency that implements marketing campaigns for clients in various specialties. The company is ranked highly as among the best in helping businesses to achieve their goals and sustainable growth. If you are looking for UX design and implementation that will trigger a radical growth of your business, then you should try out the services offered by Decoder Digital. They crawl through your ideas and business to spot things that prevent growth and expansion then come up with a comprehensive plan to improve your UX and marketing campaigns.


With copious, you can get a comprehensive overview of your business and the things you can achieve with the proposed changes. The company offers expert support that allows you to recreate your apps and ecommerce platforms to suit the needs of the market better. Their goal is to offer their clients services that help can them to target their audience more accurately. As a brand, Copious will take part in the design process and help you to come up with strategies that can drive growth. You are assured your users will enjoy every moment with your digital products.


Based in Portland, OR, Adpearance is an established digital marketing agency with specialization in PPC, SEO, web design and development. The company gives a complete UX redesign and plans that can help your business to stand out in the market. You need to appear different and elegant and this is exactly what Adpearance will help you to achieve. They have all the tools you need to push your business to a higher level. If you are looking for a flexible digital implementation that allows you to reach different segments of audiences at different times, then working with Adpearance is the ultimate pleasure to let your business thrive.


Ansira leads when it comes to modeling and activating data. They will help you come up with visualization programs that capture your data accurately and in a fashionable manner. Forget about the boring designs many people will often propose because you can get a better solution with Ansira. The company believes in offering solutions that lead to unprecedented results and profitability.

Brown Box Branding

An award winning marketing agency, Brown Box Branding offers extraordinary results while maintaining low costs in the design process. The company will give you a perfect UX job yet your budget will fit correctly to cater for your needs.

How To Choose The Right Logo For Your Business


The most successful business in the world are typically known better by their logos, rather than their official names. Everyone knows the big blue “f” for Facebook, the golden arches of McDonald’s, and the Nike “swoosh.” The growth of logo recognition is intimately tied to the growth of the business.

So, how does a business owner go about choosing the right logo? It’s possible that as a great logo aids a business’s growth, a bad logo can sabotage it. This isn’t a certainty, but choosing a logo is one of the most important decisions an entrepreneur can make.

Elements of Great Logo Design

In general, the better a logo can embody the entire scope of a business’s services and products in a simple design, the more recognizable it will be. Think about the Nike “swoosh.” It is inspired by the stories of a mythological god known for great feats of speed, strength, and resolve. Nike’s logo has become synonymous with athleticism, competition, and products that promote an active lifestyle. There is no region of the world where people do not recognize the “swoosh” as the universal symbol of athletic gear.

The simpler a logo, the more universal it will be for consumers. It can hint at the shape of a flagship product for sale, or be an innovative uncommon symbol that can be adopted by a new business. The creation of a logo is left purely to the business owner’s imagination, but it should have an endearing character, an easily reproduced shape, and a memorable color scheme.

Getting Logo Design and Creation Help

When a rough idea for a logo configuration is chosen, always show it to a professional who has a background in making a logo available to the consumer public. This means partnering with an experienced industrial, commercial, or graphic artist. Modern graphic artists use traditional and modern techniques and tools to make a rough logo sketch come to life.

Expert graphic design specialists will have backgrounds in many disciplines. Designers like Charles Lubbat located in Houston, TX are known for exquisite designs, but consider themselves multidisciplinary. Lubbat has degrees in both law, and graphic design. This allows him to inform business clients about the efficacy and legal applications regarding a logo. Of course, he can also produce a final logo model that is pleasing to the eye, and works well with what an entrepreneur had in mind.

Another wonderful aspect of working with an experienced graphic designer to choose the right logo, is media saturation. Many business only feature a logo on a building, or its letterhead. Modern graphic design tools however, can place a logo anywhere from webpage animations and television commercials, to clothing items, giveaway trinkets, car decals, and all manner of 3-D imagery.

In short, it is not as difficult to chose a company logo as one might think. Sketch several simple designs that relate to a core service and product, settle on key colors, then enlist the expertise of a professional graphic designer. The final step is to sit back and watch the brand grow.

5 Tips on Building a Better Business Marketing Strategy for Your Company in 2017

The times are changing. It is no longer 1980 or 1995. We are now in 2017. Your business needs to reflect the changing times in your marketing. You cannot rely on the old methods anymore, as unfortunate and sad as that may be. Below, business marketing consultant Lewis Syring shares five ways to ensure your company succeeds in 2017.

1) You have to focus on the mobile applications. 90% of your business will be done via some sort of mobile device. Your strategy needs to cater to this. You cannot stay stuck in the brick and mortar way of life forever. It is not going to help.

There are lots of mobile apps to chose from. You should have no problem finding something that fits your business plan.

2) Using email is still a productive marketing tool. Many think it is too old school. It is not. More people are starting to discard their email tools. Their loss is your gain.

3) You need to increase your visuals. You need to increase your visibility. You will need more video content for this. More people are using videos to get their stuff out. Why do you think youtube is popular? It is a brilliant way to market yourself. Years ago, the Youtube thing was just starting out. Now it seems very commonplace. Use it. Video content is one tool that will never go out of style.

4) Blogging still counts in 2017. You may need to upgrade yours at some point unless you have already done it. Say you have already done this. Say your efforts have been met with mediocre attention at best. You will need to put more effort into this. You get what you put into it. Take your game to the next level. Do you not have the skills? Learn them. Bloggers tend to get more visibility. Take a page from those who are already doing it. There is a great deal of competition in the blogging world. Once you do rise above the rest of the crowd, then you will be a force to be reckoned with.

5) You need to get better with social media. Sorry. Do you want to get seen? You need to be on social media platforms more. Do you want to take your brand to the next level? You need to put yourself out there. Part of this includes being on social media pages.

Find something that fits your lifestyle. Some of you may not be into Facebook. Try something else. Try a platform that not a lot of people are utilizing. You can try Twitter. You can do Snapchat. There is Instagram. Get yourself out there. It is the only way to get your brand the attention it wants and deserves.