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Four Of The Best Courses for Full Stack Developers Who Want to Advance Their Skills

Mark Polelle
Full Stack developer course is one of the most popular web development courses today. It offers web developers a complete knowledge of the entire web development and application training. Web developers who complete the course will be able to work on both the front-end and back-end of a website. If you are interested in this course, here are four of the most popular ones to sign up for.

Web Development Bootcamp

The web development boot camp course is one of the most important courses for people who want to learn full stack development. As a developer, you will be expected to be able to know and build everything, from the interface to the codes that control how the website behave. The development Bootcamp takes you through the basics of HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JQuery, SemanticUI, etc. Once you have been able to grasp the basics, you’ll also be introduced to topics like authentication, database associations, NodeJS, and PassportJS.

Students who go through the course benefit a lot. They get to learn the topics based on their capacity to assimilate, and tutors ensure that every tiny aspect is broken down. You will also be encouraged to build real-world things, as the course is filled with so many projects. Every part of the web development boot camp course is created to help students grasp their basics and start creating ideas of their own.

Understanding The Weird Part Of JavaScript 

To take part in this course, you would need to understand the basic things about JavaScript. The course is specifically made for people who want to understand JavaScript language to the core. Understanding JavaScript course will help you get all those weird parts of JavaScript right. You also learn about the beauty of the deceptiveness of the language and how you can use it to develop yourself and grow in your career.

The course covers topics like function expressions, scope chains, apply, bind, prototypical inheritance, etc. This course will help you optimize the speed and performance of your application. Sometimes, developers use too much of JQuery that slow down the server and make browsing the website difficult. But expert developers like Mark Polelle, who understand advanced JavaScript use their knowledge to create projects that help server improve requests at a shorter time.

Complete Node.JS Developer Course

This course is created and taught by top-class tutors to teach you how to build Node applications. The course is also project based; which means you will be required to build stuff as you proceed. Some of the topics you will learn under this course include Async programming, MongoDB, Socket.IO, Mongoose, Heroku Development, etc.
Understanding NodeJS to a high level, for complete back-end development, is an advantage for developers who want to go into Full Stack development.

Some of the course benefits include the speed at which it functions. NodeJS uses a single thread that takes care of all the asynchronous I/O operations. NodeJS is present everywhere, runs flexible in the server or browser, is easy on coding, and serves all database queries. The knowledge of NodeJS also increases the effectiveness of web development projects that improve productivity in all angles.

MongoDB – The Complete Developer Guide 

If you are planning to go into non-relational databases, this course is for you. Once you have an understanding of NodeJS and JavaScript, this is the next best thing for you to learn. MongoDB may not be the right thing for every applications/scenario, but it is the most enticing option for top full stack developers like Mark Polelle. Another thing that makes the course a must have is that it connects MongoDB with NodeJS, giving you an opportunity to further brush your NodeJS skills.

The complete developer guide will ensure proper testing. Testing is one of the most critical aspects of learning databases, but most courses only brush the surface. Tutors usually pack the course with exercises that are test-driven, to ensure that students have a complete grasp of how NodeJS and MongoDB work in testing.

The full stack web developer course will improve your chances of getting a better job because of your capacity to work in both the front-end and back-end of a website. The courses are loaded with so much information, and you can do it either in an in-person boot camp or online.

Final Thoughts

Full-stack developers are at the top of the list of most sought-after tech professionals today. Commanding salaries of up to $200,000, it’s definitely a worthwhile career path to consider. Of course, it also takes hard work and the right coursework to get you started.

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